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My name is Carl Van Raemdonck, born in Belgium in 1968, married with a great son and daughter.

Since I was a kid, I was passionated about everything related to Aviation and Space. Of course I wanted to become a an Astronaut but becoming a Pilot was a more realistic Dream.

That's what I am now.


Since I'm flying for my profession, I have the feeling that I never work. It's still a Hobby! Every flight is different and beautiful.

I flew both on Private Jets and Airliners. Flew the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS and CJ, Boeing 737 EFIS & NG, Airbus A320 series,  A330 and since 2018 the A340.

As a Professional Pilot Coach, I like to transfer my knowledge and passion for Aviation to others. Helping pilots who are looking for a Job!

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How I Can

Help You

Job Interview Preparation

There you are, fresh out of flying school with your new licence in your pocket or they made your redundant after a long carrier with the same airline. What to do next?


Are you ready for a job interview?


Did you know that a good looking cv and a good introduction letter is very important? They need to be professional and polishesed, otherwise they won’t get a second glance from any hiring manager. Experienced pilot or not.

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